Google produced Nexus One in partnership with phone manufacturer HTC as they needed a device to help Android. However, chief executive of Google Eric Schmidt confirmed recently, there will not be a second Nexus model in the foreseeable future.

HTC the phone manufacturer

HTC has a range of models and series’ of phones running on Windows Mobile and Android. The brand is being widely used because of the compatibility of its applications with Windows PC’s. Just a piece of software called HTC sync along with a data cable is sufficient for a seamless integration between the phone and the PC. However the smart-phone manufacturer teamed up with Google only to output Nexus, and Google now confirms negative to a second in the series.

Nexus One

The Google Nexus One, according to Google was only created to help Android and it succeeded in achieving its purpose. Although many HTC models followed on Android, there were no follow ups in the Nexus series. One wonders if Google and HTC had any idea about a sequel in the series when they named the phone Nexus One. Perhaps both diverted from the initial plans because of the circumstances.

Android on the right track

Android is now an established mobile operating system that is being widely used by many leading mobile manufacturers. Google’s Android being where it is now, Google does not see the need for a Nexus Two.

Eric Schmidts’ comments

Eric Sdchmidt said that he told the board that Google did not need a Nexus Two but the Nexus One was successful. Schmidt also had indicated on the same topic that mobile devices are overtaking computers in many aspects, but basically the two are still linked. Furthermore he suggested that that reading news would move to digital devices and the content would be personalized according to the locations, interests and the knowledge of the users.

Public opinion

Although Google had a huge build up to Nexus One indicating it as an ‘iPhone killer’, it was not sufficient then to get Apple worrying according to many reviews. Nexus One was the best phone available on Android at the moment and its only fair to say that Nexus One was a feature rich smart phone with an amazing camera and a sleek design. If somehow the public verdict was in favor of Nexus One, there may have been a slight chance of another Nexus.

Another important dimension of the issue is that the current smart phone market is saturated and the number of feature rich devices is so much higher than when the Nexus One was created. Although Google implied that the Nexus One was a success, initial Android mobile phones were only capable of competing with the likes of Nokia, Palm and Windows Mobile, but the Apple iphone.