Google Person Finder is helping people to find details about the victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Google Person Finder is an application which was developed by Google in January 2010 after the Haiti Earthquake. The address of the Google Person Finder website for Japan Earthquake is

Google People Finder for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

On clicking the link “I’m Looking for Someone”, users are prompted to enter details about the name or a part of the name or the cell phone number in a search box. If a match is found, information is displayed about the status of the person. There is another link “I Have Information About Someone” on Google People Finder. On clicking this, you can enter information regarding the family name and given name in two boxes. The website also has the link “Other Resources”, which provides information about emergency resources associated with the Japan Earthquake. There are several message boards and details are provided about shelters, food supply places, Japan nuclear crisis, Earthquake and Tsunami warnings, flights, trains, buses, Google blackout maps and lots more. People visiting Google People Finder can also make donations to the Japanese Red Cross Society, UNICEF, Save the Children and American Red Cross. Latest news regarding the nuclear power plants and nuclear radiation risk exposure is also there on the resources link on Google People Finder for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. For the latest in tech news around the world, visit Techgenie.