The leading search engine provider Google is planning of releasing another service to their customers. Google is going to setup a music store which will be customized with their search engine. Google announced the startup of music download service last week where some other popular sites will be associated with them.

Behind the scene

Starting a new business has been a recent trend  for Google to enhance its market share. In the last 10 years they showed how to dominate a sector. This time they chose music as their product. Many download sites are giving facilities of uploading and downloading favorite music. But in this context Google is going to gen an advantage. As they are aiming to provide the sore by default with their search engine, they will not have to work hard to make it familiar to general people as Google is the largest search engine of the virtual world. Along with this Apple and Amazon is also doing the music release business for last few years. But Google’s focus to dominate the whole tech world could be hindered with their expansion. So Google is looking concentrating on this issue. From the last year the company began linking to partner websites like iLike and Pandora through its search engine, allowing people to stream songs with one click from its search page.

Google’s announcement

Google is going to come up with the new music store within the starting of 2011. In fact they are going to provide the music search and download service with their sear engine along with their Smartphone and operating system ‘Android’.

Cloud streaming of tracks

Google is going to provide a new service to the users by using the cloud computing method. Likewise their product Google Docs, they will enable the customers to listen the music without downloading or installing it into the PC or mobile. The track can be enjoyed directly from the internet source. This could add a great value to this new product.

Competitor’s View

With the news of Google’s music store release, tension in the market ran high specially iTunes of Apple is in a great threat. Last time Google launched smartphone when iPhone market is slightly affected by it. But Google’s OS Android opened new market for smartphones and in the same way iTunes could fell into loss due to new music store of Google.

Primary services

Google is going to provide the opportunity of buying and downloading favorite music primarily. In near future they plan to expand the business more with the cloud streaming of music. But this web store will get more advantage as it will be associated with the largest search engine.

The overall innovation till today by Google has a great impact in the current tech industry. This new innovative step of cloud streaming is going to take the virtual music industry a long way at a stretch.