Plannr is a online based plan-maker and event coordinator. It is an email/mobile platform based tool. You can invite someone for a plan via email through Plannr. Plannr is a tool that is recently available with Google’s mobile and social acquiring spree. More clearly, Plannr is a social calendar application that keeps you up-to-the-minute and it’s a simple way to make plans. Google is going to buy Plannr, according to unconfirmed reports but still it is in news.

While the details of this alleged acquisition are still unknown. Although Google has its own calendar known as Google Calendar but the company recently reveled that it is looking to add social layer to its product. Now Google is looking for a social networking support for this application. Google has made 23 alterations so far this year. It’s interesting to know about Google that most of the acquisitions were social-related. The recent example of leading social networking website from Google is Orkut. Google has spent a large amount of budget on its social networks, which is the reason behind why Google want to grab this application in his credit. In the beginning of August, Google had already dropped $1.1 billion on the acquisitions and they haven’t even stopped since then. With plannr, Google can take a lead step in social networking. As all we know that Google is the most spreaded website on the internet with largest user and website traffic rate and this time also Google is looking for a brand new innovation. Plannr is the cutting edge technology in social networking. With the Planner application user can update their friend’s status and plan. In this way the planner helps user to keep tracks of the plans of his or her buddies and thereby the user can alter his plan, in accordance with that. The planner application features some very interesting feature that attracts everybody. For example, with a single click or a single message you can update your status and plans to all of your buddies and your buddies can do the same for you. It means you have a track or record of plans of your friends. This application could be a legend step in the social networking application as it let your buddies updated with your every single move and you can mingle your program according to them.

The plans of this application have stream updates and also the users can stream to send a message to everyone. It’s an application that updates your status via mail or message. So, it is a multi platform application. I mean this application will serve for you on mobile platform or on your computer system while using mail client. It’s a rugged combination of platform. Apart from this the planner application can also be synchronized with the Google Calender, Outlook, iCal or the calendar on your iPhone. So, it is the worth of the application and the reason behind the approach of Google toward it. This application is the next concept in social networking technology.