Some time ago (may be twenty five years), Newton N. Minow became chairman of Federal Communications Commission which is an independent United States government agency. He announced in a meeting that most of the programs which are telecasted in the TV are making it a vast wasteland. After so many years, Google called the TV a vast wasteland.

TV is vast wasteland

Calling the TV as a vast wasteland implies that television is becoming senseless and it is of no use to the public. All the programs telecasted on TV are of no use to the people to improve their knowledge or learn some new things. There may be some programs which help the people to develop, but those are very few. The programs or shows telecasted are becoming repetitive and the people are feeling bored watching those again and again. Thus, television has become a vast wasteland that does not know what kind of programs to telecast which will interest the people.

Google to change the TV

Google has announced that it will be launching its own Google TV and it asked the Federal Communications Commission to help it in ruling or cleaning the vast wasteland of television. Federal Communications Commission is run by United Statesgovernment in which the commissioner will be appointed by President. Google stated that its TV brings a completely new experience of watching the television.

The commission has announced a program called ALLVID video interface which can be used with any service. That is, it can be used as a pay video service or connected to WiFi or internet. Hence, Google urges the government to make it a reality so that it can combine Google TV with it. Google presented a video on youtube about how their TV is going to be.

Features of Google TV

Google TV comes in two different models for the users. One model can be used normally with the help of a cable or satellite video provider and the other one can be watched with the help of internet. Thus, Google TV can be used as a video watching device which the user can benefit from pay services and use the internet for watching the TV. All the features like pausing or recording a show will be available with google television.

Thus, Google wants the commission to develop the Allvid interface soon so that the customers get benefited and will have lot of options.

Google also gave some suggestions about that interface. The interface should be just limited to basic tuning and functions related to security and should not have any navigation features. As Google TV is an Android based operation system, it also wants the commission to develop the interface in same operating system. In simple words it can be concluded that Google wants the commission to develop the Allvid interface in such a way that it meets all the needs of Google TV. Hence, Google asked the government to help it in ruling the vast wasteland of the Television sector.