This December Google has gone on an acquisition spree and on 4th of December Google announced that it would acquire streaming video software maker for devices Widevine Technologies Inc. This is the Internet search giant’s second acquisition in a day.

The proposed acquisition comes after it acquired Cambridge-based Phonetic Arts. A speech synthesis company and reportedly signed a $1.8-billion deal to buy a massive building in Manhattan, where it has already bought about 50,000 sq ft of the 2.95 million square foot building.

Seattle in Washington-based privately held Widevine provides digital media solutions for the delivery of digital entertainment to any device. It has almost 60 patents that Widevine provides as anti-piracy software and video optimization technologies.

With enhanced broadband and wireless speeds in its sleeves, latest powerful smart phones and devices with higher resolution screens Widevine offers the latest in DRM and video optimization for delivering premium, high-quality movies and entertainment to the home via internet-connected PCs and other devices.

Google has agreed to buy a company whose software is used to protect Internet video from piracy and make it play more smoothly a direct correspondent from San Francisco.

The Seattle-based company, Widevine Technologies Inc., makes software known as “digital rights management” software that’s used to secure video content as it makes its way to a variety of consumer devices, such as Internet-connected TVs, personal computers and cell phones. Its software is also used to help make sure the content is delivered seamlessly, known in industry jargon as “optimization” a new term especially coined by the Seattle based company Widevine technology.

Brian Baker founded the company in 1999 to connect to the digital content to consumers. In 2003 He was promoted to the position of CEO and also to oversee Widevine’s business strategy, financing, operations and technology. He was able to raise over $65 million in financing from venture funds and strategic corporate partners. Baker is the only Widevine’s primary interface to the major motion picture studios and broadcasters and is the sole or co-author of 56 issued and pending domestic and international patents related to digital media.

The next CEO was Glenn Morten who bought to Widevine more than twenty-five years of experience in product development leadership roles. Morten had the Responsibility for Widevine’s product strategy and delivery. Morten has also led content protection and video optimization innovations from initial product release through multiple generations. Under Morten’s direction Widevine has won numerous product awards and recognitions. Prior to joining Widevine Morten was Vice President of Development for CyberSafe Corporation where he developed e-security.

Widevine is quite excited to announce that they have agreed to be acquired by Google. After signing the acquisition with Google, the present CEO Mr. Brian baker has expressed himself in the following words.

For many years, Widevine has enabled consumers to access digital entertainment content through a combination of content protection and video optimization technologies; they have tried to provide consumers with the highest quality Internet video experience while giving them freedom to watch on a variety of devices. With the recent growth of Internet video and network connected devices, it has increasingly become important for technology to provide consumers with the capability to watch what they want, when they want, where they want.

Now working with Google, they are even further committed to the consumer Internet video experience and to the needs of content owners. Widevine will continue their supply to the industry with leading video optimization and content protection solutions. Widevine was too excited to have access to Google’s vast resources as they continue to improve their products, support their customers, and meet the future needs of consumers, content owners, service providers and device manufacturers everywhere.

The purchase price wasn’t disclosed but it didn’t come at a cheap price. The price was quite huge as it is quite famous for its software.