It is no more just Facebook. Google has now brought the business page profiles to its new social networking platform Google . The interface is similar to that of Google profile page. The brand page is easy to create with these following steps:

• Log on to your account, business or individual. The account you would use to create the brand page would be the admin account.

• Go to your profile and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Click on ‘Create a Page’ option.

• Choose the category of your business from the five options – ‘Local Business or Place’, ‘Product or Brand’, ‘Company, Institution or Oragnisation’, Arts, Entertainment or Sports’, and ‘Other’.

• Once you select the category, you would need to fill up the page name, website, and the sub-category. Next box asks you to set the privacy of your page from the given options, viz. ‘Any Google user’, ‘Users 18 and older’, ‘Users 21 and older’, and ‘Alcohol related’.

• On the next screen page, enter a catchy tagline and then upload an image.

• Next, you get an option to promote the new page in your circles.

• Click ‘Finish’ and you would be redirected to the Google brand page you just created.

While the Facebook page has limited customization, Google offers better standards. Google can support the ad services such as Google Display Network, Adwords, and DoubleClick for the benefit of ad posting. It offers better management of paid search ads. The integration of Google Analytics tool can provide thorough report to prioritize business strategies. In addition, Google can always look back at the features that went unsuccessful on Facebook and use it to streamline its own.

Google is not an easy competitor and commits its best at whatever it does. Online users know it very well. With the Google brand page taking the center stage, professionals and companies too would like to find their seats upfront.