Google Plus now has added a ‘Share’ button whose function is similar to the ‘Share’ button of social networking platform Facebook and microblogging website Twitter. The new white and red ‘Share’ button of Google Plus will now allow the users to spread the content on the Google Plus social media scene.

The users will see the ‘Share’ button attached to all the favorite blogs and articles across the Internet world. If the user wants to share any particular post, he will be provided with an option to either share the post to Google Plus, or with his friends, followers, and specific people.

The functioning of Google Plus ‘Share’ button is different to that of the Google ‘+1’ button, which recommends links that show up in search results. Instead of implying your endorsement with ‘+1’, the ‘Share’ button allows the user to share an article with his circles or followers – a behavior users are accustomed to when using the Facebook ‘Like’ button or Twitter sharing.