What is cloud storage?

Before moving ahead, it is important to understand what cloud storage actually means. It actually refers to save all the data and information on some separate storage facility which is managed by the third party. So you can save the data to a remote database rather than storing it to the hard disk or somewhere else. So between the database and the computer, the Internet acts as a link. If any information is stored on a cloud storage system, then from any place on the Internet, you can have the access to it without storing it in some physical storage device. Thus, cloud storage is very helpful as it is very comfortable source.

Free Cloud Doc Storage Template from Google:

Google has presented free cloud storage template to all its Internet users which helps to save all software, resources and other information. Google Docs software is in the same way as the MS Word and MS Excel. It supports free processing in Word in the same way like MS Word. So to avail this service, you should have a Gmail account.

Facilities of Cloud Storage Template:

Apart from serving as MS Word, this also provides various other services some of which are mentioned as follows:

Other users can also share the same document and upload it by using Google.

With this Google Docs, any file of Powerpoint can also be opened.

All backgrounds, themes, templates are absolutely free which are used for making any presentation. With Cloud Storage facility, free drawings, presentations, excel sheets, web based documents all can be created and saved online also.

Google Docs also spells checks various languages and is capable of translating any document from one language to other. If any user has revised something, its complete history can be accessed with these Google docs along with the details of users who revised it. The document can even be sent to the particular website by the user.

It will help in publishing the document worldwide. If any URL link is posted on the Web, every person interested in the document can visit it. The document can be made in the same way as it’s made in MS Word. The fonts can be changed, bullets and numbering can be done, pictures and tables can be made, and formulas can also be applied. Google Docs saves the files in the same way as if they are the backup files. So even if the data on your system is lost or damaged due to any reason, you don’t need to worry because Google Docs uploads, opens, downloads and save the files and other information from any location on Internet.

Points to be noted:

Some things must be taken care of such as if Google Docs are opened, it should always be logged out after use otherwise the information can be misused. A password must be created for the security reasons. The format in which document should be simply made.