The classic Block game, ‘Tetris Clone’ that has been in the tangle of legal complications for long days is no more in the Android market. It has been strictly checked by Google as these games don’t use trademarked Tetris name at all, instead they include copied game play, which is visible to the original Tetris. So, sensing this violation of developer content policy, Tetris Company has decided to send a DMCA takedown notice to Google, pleading that if it finds any game sharing uncanny resemblance to the original Russian Classic, must be removed strong-handedly without any further consideration.

Vulnerable Android market

Android market basically stands as an open platform where no security checks required if an application goes live. It means everything can be made available as an app. That’s why it has been found that majority of users and developers prefer this method of deployment, whereas some right holders clearly don’t find it preferable.

The reasons behind banning

This news has naturally created great discontentment and dissatisfaction among the gaming freaks. Those freaks seeking for Tetris styled games on the Android market may soon discover limited choices in the gaming list. So far, it is confirmed that Google has removed thirty-five Tetris like games from the Android market. Reports suggest that the games that were removed from the market did not support the trademarked Tetris name neither bears any artwork from the original game. They merely have game play mechanics that resembled the Russian classic.

In the past Tetris company was known to have taken legal action against the companies that disobey on the games trade dress. The company has also claimed that Clones breach on the games Trade dress, that falls under Lanham Act Protection. In general, the trade dress denotes similarity of the products and aims to obstruct the formation of knock off products that stand sufficient similarity to be mistaken for the original. What is noteworthy to mention is that Trade dress designs are not like design patents as the functional designs are not covered clearly.

Users & Game freaks are the worst sufferer

Sources revealed that Google is not just the first and the only handset maker to take stringent measures against such blocking of games. What is also being known that previously Apple has also barred numerous Tetris clones from its own App Store. In a nutshell, the disappearance or the removal of the popular Tetris game from the Android market has sparked lots of chaos and discontentment amongst the user’s mind. The users feel that this has not just hampered their gaming spirit but equally let them down. Hurt so much by the banning, some users feel like saying that the official Tetris game was awful. It comes with a poorly executed port from feature phone version and doesn’t even fill the screen.

In fact, some are of the speculation that as competition is cascading rapidly, Tetris Company is in no mood to take risk. That’s why as the launch of the official Tetris game from EA is nearing; they are choosing to steer clear unnecessary competition.