Most of the apps that are used in iPad are made by Apple itself but one of the best applications which is available in the market is not created by Apple. The best of all applications for iPad is created by Google. This app is actually the new version of  Gmail which has been made by Google and is specifically designed for  the Safari browser of iPad. This is a wonderful browser and is baked in the goodness of HTML 5. It is considered to be almost as powerful as the complete web version of this application. There were already many great things that were a part of this but now it has become a bit better. Users would be able to browse in a better manner and would be able to enjoy their browsing even more.

Email Composition Screen

This is not thought to be one huge leap in the forward direction but this Safari version of Gmail contains the improved sort of the composition screen for the emails. Before the introduction of the improvement, the composition screen for the email was broken into the inbox as well as the compose view. It used to work in a fine manner but had been a little cramped in the previous times. The introduction of the new window has been done to this which allows the users for composing their emails. The screen is much bigger as compared to the previous screens and the users would be able to compose on a bigger screen and would be able to see more text on them than it was ever visible to them.

Google’s Comment

It has been said by Google that it would make some of the minor fixes for the bugs to this which would include a really annoying sort of the bug which would prevent the users from scrolling up and down in those email messages that are longer than the usual ones. There were observed some scrolling problems in those emails which were lengthy and to view them usually used to irritate the users. After the fixing of the bugs which is done by Google, the users are now able to scroll upwards as well as downwards without any sort of disturbance or without the hiccup in the scrolling. It has been further said by Google that all of these changes in the Safari of Gmail are made only for the English version.

Changes for the good

These changes are considered to be nice and are appreciated too but still Google needs to pay more attention to the mobile version of the Google Docs. The users of this are not able to edit the Google Docs from iPad’s browser. It is a great drawback and it is just hoped that Google would be trying to make some changes to this also. The Google Calendar also requires some help and it wants to default to the mobile version of this when the usage is done through the iPad. The working of the mobile version is fine but can not be compared to the full featured normal desktop version.