Recently, there have been reports regarding malware affecting apps available from the Android Market, an online store of Google. When the iPhone was introduced, there were issues regarding botnets, malware and hackers affecting various applications. Whenever a new product or technology is launched, this is nothing new.

The Android operating system has become very popular, with its wide usage in cellular phones. One can easily personalize their phones which are based on the Android platform. The features of an Android-based phone, courtesy the open source platform, make it extremely convenient for users. Google charges a specific amount for paid apps and subscriptions on Android Market.

Basically, both the Apple iOS and Android are Linux-based platforms for smartphones and tablets. Google, in the past, had for the first time, taken steps to disallow a few apps from the Android Marketplace, due to the said apps containing Trojans and malware. Google has removed more than 50 apps from the Android Market, which contained malicious programs such as Trojans, potentially infecting unsuspecting users. With this move, one can be sure of the success of the Android platform. Added to this, the new version of Android OS, the Gingerbread, has much better security measures.

It is suggested that users should be careful in downloading and installing applications. They can use antimalware software for securing their smartphones.