Google has taken an initiative that is sure to make all iPad lovers gleeful. It has added some extremely useful features to its free Search App for the iPad, thereby making searching on the Internet a lot easier and less time-consuming.

The latest version of Google’s free Search App for the iPad was recently made public. iPad users, congratulations! Your favorite device will now search faster and with more accuracy. What’s more, the free app comes with a new interface, flitting between webpages is a breeze, and a Siri-like voice search makes for the most exciting addition.

Google Instant and Instant Preview are the other two prominent features of this new Search App. While the latter gives you the liberty to have a cursory glance at the different websites without leaving the search page, the former would make a website appear as soon as you type its name.

“You’ll notice that searching is faster and more interactive from your first keystroke,” said Daniel Fish, software engineer for the Google Search app, on the Google Mobile Blog.

Receiving prompts on the desktop for new e-mails will really be déjà vu. Moreover, you just have to click the Applications icon on the search page in order to juggle between your favorite Google Apps. Keeping in mind users’ recent enchantment with Siri, the app provides a similar option wherein you can search by simply speaking the words aloud instead of typing them. One just hopes that the effectiveness of Google Voice Search matches that of Siri.

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