In a move that comes as sigh of relief to most users, the fight against piracy is one that must never be stopped and as such, instituting measures against piracy is welcome. In case you wondering what am talking about, wonder no more as Google says it will be instituting measures on the licensing of Apps to protect against piracy.

Google Taking Lead in Protection of Apps

The means to protect against such, rather than go it the suit way is what was long needed and Google Inc is taking the lead. For a long time now, piracy has been a major factor in raising worries and DRM protection has never been a more crucial need. Therefore, you probably are aware that piracy issues and DRM safeguards are at the core of mobile, digital software sales and for that reason alone, giant manufacturers such as Apple, Google and Microsoft Corporation have over time realized the need to bring in developers into their platforms and most importantly assure them that their works are safe from pirates. For such companies therefore, it should not be just about wooing in the developers keen on marketing their Apps but a concerted effort has to be put in place through mechanisms that will ensure the companies protect the developers’ works from marauding pirates.

Safeguarding Developers

For that reason, there is something to celebrate for developers even though it is a preliminary step. Regardless, the journey of one thousand miles begins with one step. If that be the case, Google’s first step towards fighting piracy is to be undertaken with its Android market applications storefront, from which it announced it would be changing how apps licensing works to enable developers feel safer with regard to their works and in turn keep the consumer safer from the pain of pirated Apps. In its plans against piracy, the giant search company plans to have apps ping and talk with Android Market servers upon introduction and this is will in turn confirm that the original, authentic version of the App is the one being opened.

Other Companies Doing The same

Google’s move however is not a solitary one, you will remember that companies such as Apple and developers that are on platforms like iOS use measures akin to Google’s while Apple iTunes DRM and licensing practices have also been crucial in dealing with the issue of pirated apps that are easily loaded after a number of tweaks and jailbreaking of the iPhone. Rather than link up directly with the App store, iOS developers let their Apps communicate with own company servers. With the new measures protecting developers and their works, maybe there will be an increase in the number of new Apps as developers become increasingly confident of getting something out of their hard work.

The incessant piracy worries are hampering the release of new apps as developers worry their ideas might be stolen.