Google has no plans of going ahead with its deal of the AdMob acquisition. This has come as a surprise for lots of people as it has been just three days since FTC (Federal Trade Commission) gave a green signal to the seven hundred and fifty million dollar deal. People came to know about this when the Vice president of Product Management of Google, Susan Wojcicki, came out with the decision on the official blog of Google. The blog said that Google was more interested in integrating the portion of AdMob with the advertising unit of Google as soon as possible. The people of the top management at Google are making use of the time given to them by FTC in this regard.

Google is now more interested in creating newer products for its customers and they want to offer their current services in the best possible manner to its public. They want the upgrading and integration to happen as soon as possible and have also promised that they would keep their followers and customers up to date about the recent change of events taking place.

Google is also paying special attention to the mobile advertising space. This is mainly because business rival Apple is getting into some unfamiliar territory and is succeeding in getting hold of some prestigious clients which once belonged to Google.

Google has plans of repurchasing the shares of AdMob which would be issued by them in the open market. This repurchase activity is expected to begin as soon as the acquisition is over. The money for the repurchases would be available from the working capital already present with Google.

If you have a look at the letter given out by Omar Hamoui on behalf of AdMob, it clearly states that the acquisition deal is closed and that the two companies would be working together as one unit in the future. Even though AdMob is very happy to be working with Google, there are certain things that they have made very clear to the general public. They have stated that their topmost priorities are their advertisers and publishing partners and that they are committed to delivering a smooth integration process to their valued clients.

Speaking to their publishers and advertising partners, AdMob has stated that their employees and staff would give their best efforts for ensuring the satisfaction of the clients. The staff includes the sales, marketing, engineering, product and business development teams. As far as the smooth integration process is concerned, they are committed to provide better service and products to their customers in collaboration with Google. The integration process has some things that need to be taken care of, hence it might take some time before everything is sorted out. Till then the company has given assurance that their usual business would be carried out with the same effect and efficiency as it was done before. They have also promised to keep the general public posted about things that will happen in the days to come.