To keep abreast from its counterparts, Google has planned to move ahead to give a fresh change to its search engine. Google is planning to introduce direct answers and other relevant information to its search results.

The Google search engine in future will be made more intelligent. It will not be providing a platter of the links but will be incorporated with semantic bend to its searching process. Now, it will not just go for permutation and combination of given terms but will also look into their meanings.

Introduction of smarter semantic technology to its search mechanism can bring much better and focused answers to the questions entered by the users. It can also give users, the exact answers rather than a number of websites. By doing this, the user will not have to go through the numbers of websites but can have a direct and more accurate answers to their queries.

These steps will definitely give a fresh head start to Google; and the search engine giant may succeed to increase the number of Google users. You can expect the better version of Google search engine in the next coming months.