Google, in partnership with Twitter, a social micro-blogging site, announced that it will now include Google Replay in its Google Search. Google recognizes Twitter’s micro-blogging community’s contribution on recording local and international history. According to Google’ blog, the community’s tweets offer valuable insight on certain events and their commentaries show how people reacted to it. Twitter also has partnered with the US Library of Congress in archiving millions of tweets and making it available to the public through the library.

Aptly named Google Replay, Google’s new search feature enables users to seek through tweets and relive the experience as if it was going on live again. Google allows its users to search through the Twitter archives by displaying the search result with a timeline. To do this, the blog suggests that users click on the “Show options” on the search results page, then select “Updates.” On top of the page will be a graph that represents the timeline of your search. It automatically displays the current date but can be easily changed by clicking on the month or the year. With that selected, you can now click on a specific month or date within the timeline.

Although this feature is not available yet for a few days, the blog offered a special link for you to try out the features. Available tweet data is only limited to tweets going back to February 11, 2010 but Google promises to make it all the way back to the very first public tweet on March 21, 2006.

Being able to replay tweets offers Google users to relive important events that they either missed or just want to re-experience again. It also provides researchers a vast archive of potential data ‘gold’ mine. With Twitter’s mecca of data, social scientist will now have a golden opportunity to study trends in a very cheap manner. This bottomless font of information available to the public will open a truly global collaboration with each tweet.