Have you ever thought of using a self-driven car? How great would it be if you can just feed in the location details and the car would take you through to your destination on its own? But, it’s not a dream anymore. Google, which is touching every aspect of our life, is now going to change the way we drive and navigate from one place to another.

The concept first came into existence way back in October 2010 when Google announced that it has been working on self-driving cars that would drive themselves around California. Recently, it released a video showing a partially blind man, Steve Mahan, behind the wheels of Google’s self-driven car. In the video dubbed as ‘Self-Driving Car User #0000000001’, Steve has been showed using the car for his daily routine.

It’s, without any doubt, the technology for the future! The car makes use of cameras, radar, lasers, and pre-programmed location details to move safely around the streets. Check out the video below to know more.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdgQpa1pUUE]