There are many search engines currently available on the internet, serving the users of internet.  These search engines provides the facility to the users of the internet to search any required information in a suitable manner. Google is one of the leading search engines available on the internet for the assistance of internet users. According to a survey, the popularity of Google is more than the popularity of all the search engines available put together. Google is also taking the traffic maximum as compared to all available search engines on the internet.

These are some major advantages and achievements as far as the company is concerned. The reason for this is that though the company started small, it has been able to achieve quite a lot in the last few years where the company has been able to grow at a rapid pace. Other than the growth, the company has also been making strides in various directions and has been diversifying into various other activities.

Google Signs Agreement with Iowa

Google has also signed an agreement with an Iowa wind farm for twenty year to buy their energy. The company said on Tuesday that Google is giving the access to as much as necessary renewable energy to supply several of its data centers. In a company blog post, senior vice president of Google Urs Hoeizie said that they will take the access to one hundred and fourteen megawatts power from wind at a fixed price. They will buy and use this energy for twenty year at that constant price.

He said that fixed rate for this energy will help to protect Google from fluctuations in energy price. He also said that the long term agreement is useful for the investment in additional renewable energy plants. Hoerizle also said that that this is the scenario where purchasing the green and renewable energy makes for good business skills.

Google’s Investment in North Dakota Farms

They also did not disclose how much amount Google will be paying for each unit of the energy bought from the Iowa wind farm. Google has already invested more than US $38.5 million in two North Dakota wind farms developed in May by NextEnergy Resources. On Tuesday, this facility, also owned by the same company which has a capacity of more than nine thousand and is in operation, providing seven thousand megawatts of total power has been bought by Google. The Iowa wind farm will start providing power to Google on 30th of July.

In December, Google purchased it via Google energy and it is guaranteed by the federal approval to purchase and sell the energy in the wholesale market. Hoelzle said that Google can’t use this energy directly as they have to sell the energy first on the local market.

Online giants like yahoo, Google, Face book are coming under the intense scrutiny lately for the energy used by these giants for their data collection and other activities. These are the various factors that are behind the year deal with Iowa wind farm by Google. It is sure to be a great plus for the company that will be able to save money and can also be seen by the world as a energy efficient company that takes effort to save the environment.