The Google content license renewal is still under consideration by the Ministry of IT in China. This is indeed news of great relevance to everybody as China is one of the largest nations across the world both in people density as well as the business.  If Google, the IT giant which leads the world in search engine and marketing comes up with an action plan to revive its agreement in China it will surely going to have an impact on the entire world.

The government of China has responded to the issue after a renovation in homepage of Google for China lately. They have come up with some new features and link on the homepage of the Google on last Monday.  They are links to the translation and music sites. There are also links to shopping services from the Google.  The old ICP0 Internet Content provider license number is also being presented on the Homepage.

As per an eminent member from the ministry of China, the government is in process of reviving the license for the renewal which was presented quite late and thus the government has not yet disclosed the results as such. Once the application is completely scanned and thought over only then the final outcome would be announced.

In Chinese regulations, the central government can stop functioning for any of the website which does not have its’ licenses for functioning in China renewed or passed. Thus in case the Google license is not validated in China then it would have to be stopped.

When the global giant declared that it would not be filtering its’ content for the Chinese version of search results then the government had to reconsider its’ license to the Google. Moreover considering as a contemptuous task as per the Chinas censor rules, the license was subjected to cancellation.

Marsha Wang from the China Government said that a revamp in the Homepage cannot be seen as the permission for the renewal of the license. The license renewal is still under consideration and the results would be out only after the examination is full.

With the Internet content license with Google presently which expires in 2012, the company has right to function however it needs to get it renewed every year. In case the license does not get renewed the company would not be able to function in China using the same search address. The Approvals creativity is still under question and the decision would finally be made by the government officials.

Automatic-redirection strategy had been adopted by Google in the month of March as it said that there is no point in complying with the self censorship rules being imposed by China. The company disparaged by the contempt of free speech. The company further said that loads of cyber attacks had come from the Chinese Mainland.