Google Needs to Going after Facebook & Twitter and should go after LinkedIn Instead

Digg CEO Kevin Rose sent a message on a tweet that Google is soon to going to start a Facebook Killer; this was reported by Alexia Tsotsis of SF. The Facebook killer is known as Google Me. According to Tsotsis, this is a kind of enhanced and updated version of existing Google Profiles, and Rick Klau will be responsible to support it, who is also the developer of BUZZ. He has been working on Profiles.

Does it mean that Google is going to take on Facebook by building an enhance Google Profiles. If we take it for granted then Google is surely going to a wrong direction and wrong target. It was better if they have plans to run after LinkedIn.

Main reason behind not to target Twitter and Facebook is, they have been developing their wings and growing among masses and class like weeds over the last few years. In addition, they are user friendly; they are very keen listen their users and give them right information regarding anything they want. On another hand, LinkedIn is languishing and not proving up to the expectation of users and its potential. So among all of these, LinkedIn is one of the weakest joints in the social chain.

This is not only the easiest target to be hit as it has been building a so-called service among people’s professional network, but one of the best fit for Google. Google has been showing frequently that it lacks of professionalism to identify right social DNA. However, it has a sharp business mind and very keen for business cut, if it pays attentions to make a social as well as professional network, it makes a lot of sense for the great Google.

If you see “Google Me”, you would realize that it says everything itself. If you are planning to Google someone for special date, you will surely look for information on social networking site like Facebook. This is not so that you won’t find anything on Google. It is because it has lost the war of dating game. But if you have any plan to hire someone or want to meet anybody for the sake of interview, you will surely Google that person very personally. For the first result, no body of you or any web savvy professional is interested to observe or see LinkedIn or respective website. Google has the power to show any search engine results, and this is up to them whether to highlight or show any Google Me profile at the top of any particular page or not.

We can conclude that Google should pay attentions on overcoming LinkedIn just because it is an easier target than overcoming Twitter or Facebook. It is in the blood of people to get to the people who are quick to respond and they can find it only on social networking sites. It also fits into trade practices and business culture.