In yet another legal case Google has been sued by location based services provider Skyhook Wireless, on the grounds of anti-competitive business practices.

Skyhook sued Google over patent infringement claims in the court of Massachusetts this week. Skyhook claims that Google has caused great “business interference,” which has led to loss of intellectual property. According to Skyhook , Google used its leverage over Android and Google Maps to bar Skyhook’s from offering mapping technology in Motorola handsets. This has not only led patent infringement but, greater loss to market share.

The lawsuit filed against Google particularly states that Google’s head of Android platform; Andy Rubin had demanded Motorola to remove Skyhook’s applications from Motorola and replace them will Google Android applications.

According to a Skyhook complaint, “As none of these devices was preloaded with (Skyhook’s) software, as would have occurred but for Google’s interference, Skyhook lost millions of dollars in royalties provided under the Motorola Contract. Google’s interference also harmed Skyhook by preventing enhancements to Skyhook’s database that would have occurred but for the deprivation of data from these phones.”

Skyhook is one of the leading IT firms that had legalized the concept of “war-driving,” which is defined as the process of  mapping open wireless access points. By using the data from the wireless points a user is able to pinpoint his location geographically. Motorola was just one of the popular clients of Skyhook which was using its applications to power its handsets. However with the recent patent infringement