The search engine giant, Google lately announced to expand its Safe Browsing technology to notify users about deceptive software. This new addition to Google’s exclusive service, called as “deceptive software” will now warn users and website owners about all the websites that are known to distribute malware. It will block every kind of malware download and give instructions on how to detect and delete the harmful content. Primarily, the recent update in the Safe Browsing service will inform about the program that just claim to be genuine downloads but actually make unexpected tweaks in the homepage and browser settings.

In an official post, Moheeb Abu Rajab, Google security engineer said that Chrome will show an instant warning if it found a download that may interrupt your browsing experience. The warning will read “filename.exe may harm your browsing experience, so Chrome has blocked it.” You can also ignore the warning and proceed to use the software from your list of Downloads.

Starting next week, we’ll be expanding Safe Browsing protection against additional kinds of deceptive software: programs disguised as a helpful download that actually make unexpected changes to your computer—for instance, switching your homepage or other browser settings to ones you don’t want,” he further added.

Today, there are as many as 1.1 billion people who are using Google’s Safe Browsing service in order to prevent going to remain safe from dangerous websites and download. Also, the type and number of threats that the service was showing has significantly dropped, as security alerts for users and website owners have become more advanced.