Every advertisement maker along with their corporate clients wants to truly understand the psychology of consumers. If they understand it, they can cater to their needs with efficiency. This knowledge will eventually help in enhancing the profitability of companies along with achieving customer satisfaction. Apple has launched its new program named iAD program for mobile advertisers in order to help them to read the minds of mobile users. Till now Google had been a pioneer in this field.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is gaining popularity with each passing day. The industry is expected to grow over USD1.5 billion by 2013. On television there are so many channels telecasted that consumers seldom heed attention to advertisements. But the ads broadcasted on the mobile handsets will surely be seen atleast once, by the consumers.

What is Apple trying to do?

iTunes is a very popular application of Apple, taking advantage of this the company is taking steps to analyze the purchasing behavior of their iTunes customers. These results will be sold to companies who advertise their products through mobiles.

Apple has approximately a customer base of 150 million, who utilize the services of iTunes. This data is collected and researched to develop its new iAD engine, making sure that the advertisements effectively cater to the needs of their target audience. The key areas to draw inferences are described as under:

  • Deduce the buying pattern of the consumers
  • Attractive and pleasing points which draw their attention to a product
  • On what basis do they select or reject a product?
  • Things which ensure that the interested buyer will go ahead and make the purchase.
  • Types of advertisements that appeal the consumers.
  • The amount an average consumer is willing to spend on various products.

The iAD program kicked started a few days back including the advertisements from many companies like AT&T Inc, Unilever NV, JC Penny Co., Nissan Motor Co., and Best Buy Co.

How will companies benefit from this?

The primary benefit to all the client companies will be the knowledge about the purchasing pattern of an average mobile user. Until now Google was the major provider of this type of data now they will have a choice amongst the providers, so they will get a better quality product. The advertisements will give the consumers what they want rather than serving them what they dislike or get irritated with. If an advertisement can successfully leave a mark on the minds of the consumers it surely will result in a future sale, eventually adding to the sales of the products.

How will Google be affected?

There are still many internet users who try to find answer for every question by searching the internet via Google. Google is such a big name in search engine business that it will take sometime before anyone can beat it. Appleā€™s new iAD engine program will surely hurt the business of Google in the mobile advertisements. Until now all the major companies used to rush to Google for all kinds of demographic analyses or purchasing behavior research but now they have a choice with Apple (which is an equally big brand) in the same business. The mobile advertising business is believed to grow to over USD1.5 billion in 2013; this will help both the giants to shell out their best for the clients.