In the year 2005, Google China was created. It was supervised by Kai-fu Lee.  Its main headquarters in China is located in Beijing. The area of service is the people’s republic of China, mainly because Hong Kong has its own service. Because of fewer shares by Google in the business, Kai-fu lee has decided to leave the partnership. Recently, there was breaking news that two operational products of Google will close. In one of the most popular forums in their country, it was said on Tuesday by one of the most popular search engine, Google, that they will be closing their product in China.

Google Closes Two Products In China

As a strategy, Google has decided to phase out their products. The idea was launched by March 2010 when they even made an alternate route from (cn stands for China) to (hk stands for Hong Kong). This was because there was news that China had blocked Google’s You Tube. This happened in March 2009. There were also other issues of gaining unauthorized access to computer data of Google by the hackers from the country of China. Since Hong Kong is not under any power from China and there was a headquarters there, Google decided to reroute through that office. Also, Google wants to invest there because there is freedom from censorship.

The official statement was released by Mr. David Drummond, the senior vice president, on behalf of Google Company. He officially stated the news also in a Google blog. The reason of closing their products in China was because of the censorship of the internet in China. The censorship by the country is not on the scheme of things or part of the mission of Google. Its mission is to provide worldwide service to the people around the world. Google expressed disagreement to China when China objected to free information. Google would have been a huge participant in China’s infrastructure. They would have helped by giving information to the public. By using the applications by Google, surely, it could have brought them a helping hand. Compared to China, Hong Kong has a high respect for freedom of speech. This was the effective marketing plan made by Google initially.

Mainland China Obstructs Google Websites

By the last week of March 2010, Mainland China decided to obstruct the websites of Google and links through the site to every country, all over the world including its mobile features. These are the results of DNS (Domain name service) error. A spokesperson of China, Xiao Quiang, also director of China’s International Network Project, said that the China can ban all of the services from Google if they want too. Since then, Google decided to have its services through Hong Kong.

Google is accepted around the world in all major countries except for China because of censorship. They continue to serve people with their popular applications known worldwide. These are Gmail (a web-based electronic mail), Google Chrome (an internet browser used to have access to the world of internet), Google Maps (a map guide), mobile services and many more. Although freedom of speech with the use of Google search engine was blocked by China, the services continue to grow. They made it a point that they will provide a link through Hong Kong to China so that they can be still of service to the Chinese people.