Google Inc. is going to introduce a new one click payment system which will be for the new paper publication online. According to the recent report which was published Google has dubbed the tool as  “Newspass” and it would be  providing one new revenue source for  publishers who are struggling in the digital age. According to the translation of the New York Times done for the article, which was published in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that, by the end of this year Google willbe launching the integrated payment system which would be allowing the users to buy the new content with the help of a single click and the publishers would be able to use a single infrastructure for the mobile, web and the tablet for the sake of monetizing their content.

Google’s in Media Business

With the help of this payment system the consumers would be allowed to pay for the full subscriptions or to have access to the articles which will be just for one time. The whole industry of media enjoys a love and hate relationship with the Internet search giant Google. The Mountain View, who is the online publications company, would be providing great amount of the traffic to those web sites that are related to the newspaper as well as the magazines, but it has been complained by some of the people that this company has grabbed a huge and great portion of the advertising dollars which were claimed by them once. It was done in part by aggregating as well as linking to the articles. It has been said consistently by Google that it wishes to partner up with the business of media and also want to help where it is possible for the company. Google has also readily admitted that the worth of the services of the company has much to do with the quality of the content. A handful of initiatives have been rolled out by the company for the sake of helping the publishers to make some more money over the internet.

Chris Gaither – the spokesman of Google has said that the company had no specific way to announce currently about the Newspass, but the executives of Google have much the references to this kind of payment system in the past times. During the month of December, David Drummond, who is the chief legal officer has said during the World Newspaper Congress that they are greatly exploring the solutions related to technology which would be helping the publishers with some of the logistical problems that are in charging for the whole content like the billing systems that are used for the subscriptions or for the micropayments.

Google and Newspaper Association of America

During the previous fall season, it was told to the Newspaper Association of America by Google that a latest version of the Checkout micropayment platform would be helping the industry for charging the content which is available over the Internet. Many of the media outlets have tried to charge a little money for one article which includes many publishers.