Google Inc announced that it will begin phasing out You Tube logins and instead replace them with Google accounts. Google Inc. acquired You Tube back in 2006 for an estimated $1.65 billion and has since allowed users to continue using their You Tube accounts, but the company said the change to Google accounts will be optional initially, but would become mandatory later.

Old You Tube Accounts

Ever since its takeover, Google allowed users to sign with their old You Tube accounts between 2006 and 2009 or use their Google accounts. However, from May 2009, the company had made it mandatory for Google users to log in to You Tube using their Google accounts. Even so, the search giant’s software engineers said the changes would not impact You Tube users that much, reiterating that there even might be some additional benefits for users.

While making it clear what would happen, the engineers said that You Tube usernames will not be affected or removed regardless of when the individual signed up for the service or regardless  if  users have a running account with You Tube, currently.  Users will keep their user names intact, irrespective of the changes. Stressing the point further, one of Google’s engineers said in a blog that the change would not require users to have a mandatory Google e-mail account to access You Tube nor make any mandatory switches.

Ease of Creating New Google Account

He pointed out the fact that even with a different e-mail address; an individual can still create a Google account via any e-mail account through the use of the company’s immense products, akin to how you can create a Twitter or Facebook account with any e-mail address. The blog posting stressed that the Google account was tailored at offering enhanced security and would help cut down spam on the site, in additional to enabling better management of accounts.

As such, the blog post reiterated that the changes may not disclosed to anyone outside of the You Tube engineering team, but noted that behind the closed curtains, it is difficult to maintain two different account systems. The company stressed that its change is to simplify usage by having every user on the same account system.

Smooth Running of You Tube

Even more significantly, the change would enable the use of Google technologies to keep You Tube running amicably. The plan still allow You Tube account holders to log on to You Tube sign in page and pick a link to an existing Google account or alternatively create a new account according to user discretion. To help users cope with the changes, the search giant has established a Help page to assist users understand the transition process. Thus current You Tube users will be required to link their You Tube accounts with the search giant’s cross-site account system.

The search giant requires that new users use the system but now it says it is keen on phasing out the pre-Google account system it took from You Tube back in 2006 when it acquired it.