To break the monopoly of the companies like Microsoft in ‘web browser’ field, Google released beta version of Chrome in December 2008. The simplicity and user friendliness of the browser are one of the reasons why it is third most used browser in the world. New developments in the browser till date have increased its efficiency. To kill competition and serve better, Google now have decided to release new improved version of the browser every six weeks.

Speed of update doubles

Chrome users got their last update of chrome in the month of May this year. It was issued to users after the time span of three months, which was routine then. Now users will be made available with the update every six weeks. Along with increase in update speed, Google is considering many other criteria that will prove useful in making of better browser and providing user better surfing experience. It will be very interesting to see if they maintain predictable schedule or not.

Release of new update in such a short time is not going to put more stress on Google employees as confirmed by officials. If any application, that is planned to launch along with particular version of browser, is not ready then it can be made available with next version. It will surely help programmers to reduce stress of submission of particular version or application within deadline. ‘Chromium’ is a project undertaken by Google that deals with the development of the Chrome. On the project blog officials spotted saying that if any application fails to complete with particular version, it will be surely made available in next version.

How other competitors do it

Mozilla Firefox also occupies position in the list of most used browser all over the world. Mozilla is already following the same scheme of update. Firefox users receive security updates every four to six weeks. These upgrades do not make remarkable changes in the browser but helps in strengthening security. After the release of Firefox 3.6, instead of going for higher version directly Mozilla started releasing update patch for users.

However, Microsoft IE and Apple Safari follow exactly different path. These brands release new versions of the browser less often. These updates are non-security and are associated with large number of changes in the browser. Microsoft released IE8 in the year of 2009. Now, instead of releasing security patch Microsoft is planning to come up with IE9. However, the browser is still under construction and date of release is not confirmed either. Apple releases upgraded versions of its browser after every 24 months.

Security updates have become necessary parts of browsers as virus and malware threats are increasing nowadays. Step of Google towards it, will surely prove beneficial for Chrome users and will also help to increase their business in this field.