Android phones are distributed throughout the world and the fact that different countries do have different languages too is a very common thought for all. There will be various phone users who will eventually feel convenient if their mobile phones can translate different languages from time to time. This is the most common problem discussed by most phone users especially those who frequently access the internet and do their work there all the time.

It might be a normal feature for most phones to translate menus and title to the language that the user preferred to choose. But how about, translating the default language of a website or the messages that you receive in your phone into the kind of language where you can easily read and understand? It will be odd to read such messages where the sender uses a different word or language that you are not familiar with. That is why, Google answers this kind of a problem and enables Google translate for Android phones. Through this, any conversations or messages will be translated in real time and for you to read it clearly and easily.

This is really not a common feature that most phones have but in the case of Android mobiles, applications can run easily and compatibly with it unlike other mobile OS. Google Translate for Androids can read and interpret up to 50 different kinds of languages in an instant. This feature won’t let you down since it was programmed to provide good results without any errors such as grammars and spellings. It usually refers to the results of a standard dictionary. For the most special part, there is an audio mode where it can read messages in your phone and translate it directly to the desired language that you selected. This feature is known as a text-to-speech Google translation. It also offers voice inputs where you can talk to someone and the language automatically translates for you to understand it right away and Romanization for such languages that are way to different than the English language.

This kind of feature has been Google’s top priority to improve it in order to provide quality services for mobile Androids and not all phones with different OS can access to this software without any difficulties. This software was launched last January 2010 and everyone was so excited to use it. Before, there are little glitches as the software is not really perfect as it can be. But from time to time, Google translate for Androids usually set updates to make it more useful and effective. From texts to voice or audio, it can be easily translated into different language including non-Roman scripts. While talking to someone who has a different language than in your place, you can always talk to them and the application will automatically translate it so that the other person can understand it well. Once that other person speaks back, the apps will automatically translate so that you will know what the message is all about, making a good conversation between the two of you. Same goes with typing a message. But for some reason, the problem with this app is more about the different intonations that a language produces. This will be improved later on as Google will always take care of it.