I am certain you have used Google translate at some point time of your Internet search, if not on a regular basis. Google translator works slightly differently to the Google’s Translator Toolkit. Over 16 million words from various Wikipedia pages have been translated into various languages in the last two years using Google’s Translator Toolkit.

16 Million words later

Google Translate accommodates more than thirty different languages; and is used daily by millions of people and various combinations of languages are used. Google has been working with Wikipedia to help convert their English pages to complex languages like Swahili and Hindi. Benefiting Wikipedia to grow with these language markets and reach a larger network. During Wikimania 2010, Google claimed that using more improved tools they have helped Wikipedia in getting over 100 million words from various content be translated to several languages. The company will not stop and said only less then twenty percent of work is done and they have higher hopes and more words to cover.

Google Translator Toolkit

Unlike the regular Google Translate, the Translator Toolkit translates content in varied ways. It does not rely on word-to-word translations alone and not just automatic machine translation, but it pulls pages directly (in the case of Wikipedia) and translates difficult phrases and words. It also provides details on how the translation was worked out and like the Wikipedia style allows users to edit the content. The toolkit analysis show how translation from a particular source language has been used throughout the web to assist in translation into the target language, especially languages with complex scripts. Google’s Translator Toolkit has been used in the past two years to convert Wikipedia’s 1.3 billion English language words and close to two and a half million articles from English to Swahili and Hindi.

Website translation gadget

Google’s less know, but promising tool is the website auto translation gadget that can be added onto your website and use the auto translation from your website’s source language to any language your viewer / web visitor prefers. This tool is supplied free of charge. The web content is automatically translated, by determining the language preference on the browser settings of the reader / visitor of your webpage. The translation also applies to adverts placed on your website from Google Adsense; since it  converts the advertisement based on the country, language setting or the content of your website or information.

Google is taking bigger measures to ensure the translation services are improving and benefits the users. Over the two years of introduction Google translate and now with a capacity to translate over fifty languages with complex scripts; and within eight months of introducing the Website translate gadget the company is using the world’s largest computer to pull the limits and bring it to optimum use. Google is expanding even during when they are facing regulatory issues from government all over the world, the company is determined to technology innovation and is not letting any of it effect them or how it is helping change the world, and transcending words to spread the knowledge by killing the language divide is surely a good cause.