Google CEO Eric Schmidt, at the Berlin IFA show, confirmed the company’s plans to launch its new product Google TV in fall this year. He further added the product will be launched internationally in 2011. He said the company will be communicating with content providers to get some entertainment on the device. Though he dismissed any plans of Google getting into content production. Google is working in collaboration with companies like Sony, Logitech and Intel for hardware support in this project.

Google announced its plans to launch a TV based service at Google I/O conference on 20th may 2010 this year. And hoped to combine the TV viewing with web content browsing in a way not done till date. In September Apple CEO Steve Jobs also announced it will launch second generation Apple TV in fall of 2010.

Let us explore some of the features the two products have on offer:

Google TV

Google TV will be working on Android OS for the set top box. Intel Atom based CE4100 consumer electronics system-on-chip (SoC) has been powers all the devices. Google is planning to provide set-top box built by Logitech, TV enabledBlu-ray player from Sony, and a Sony HDTV with built-in Google services. Google TV supports a video output 1080p. It has a built-in chrome browser and Adobe Flash 10.1 plug-in. This will ensure browsing on the Internet just like a PC. Also ThinkFree Office viewer software is provided. Google will create an open source platform to enable developers or third-party providers to create applications for Google TV. Google also plans to upgrade the android OS as it wants to enable developers to create web applications for the device. Some companies like Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand have already created applications for Google TV. Google TV will enable users to search topics on the web, TV programs being broadcasted, and also view You Tube videos. It will have a home page where you could bookmark your favourite videos, photo albums channels or shows.

Apple TV 2nd generation

It will be available for a price of $99. It is quarter size smaller, has no built-in storage and has a full black color. Apple set top box fully integrates with Netflix which will enable live streaming. This means the video or content will not be downloaded on your device but will be streamed directly. It sports HDMI, optical audio, Ethernet and power ports. Also a diagnostic USB port is provided. It has maximum video output of 720p rather than 1080p which is shortcoming. Apple TV will also support “AirPlay” technology which will enable you to synchronize all your Apple devices with Apple TV. You can start a video on your apple iPad pause it and continue watching it on apple TV. Both the products have something different to offer and have unique features. The proper review will only be possible when the products release and get on consumers shelves.