Do you want to surf web on your television channel? Switch on to Google TV. Read this post to know more details about how to browse internet on your TV.

How nice it would be to view the same content which we see on our computer screens to be watched on our own big screens? Perhaps, the idea behind inventing the high definition televisions, DVD’s and DVR’s is also the same and that’s why they have become a huge success even though they come with huge prices. This is true especially for those movie and sports lovers who want to download movies or television shows from the Internet, who wants to play online games on big screens and who love to watch live telecast of their favorite sports that sometimes gets broadcasted only on the Internet. Isn’t it astonishing to know that in the near future you can use your television sets as the media to watch your favorite Internet content, connect to your social networking websites, play favorite games online?

Google, the powerful media of Internet is about to enter into another innovative and challenging platform which is surely going to hit the business of cable channels as it brings many users to use its system. In fact, people are waiting for this since long time. Google TV is on its way to make you surf your favorite things right on your television sets. This search gaint, along with other pioneers, Sony, Intel and Logitech is developing a new system called Google TV which is a prototype set top box that connects Internet to your television. In the recent past, other famous companies such as Apple have also tried to develop such technology and systems to enhance the features of the television sets in order to do things such as download favorite movies and other telecasts. However, nothing has made their entries as quickly and efficiently as Google did.

The new system is getting developed on the Android operating system, which is the open source operating system of most of the Google owned mobile phones. Intel’s processor and Atom chips are incorporated within the system. Logitech is also involved to build a remote control and keyword for the users to operate the services very easily and efficiently. The Google TV project is under the development from quite some time and is now under testing phase. It has collaborated with the Dish Network satellite provider to test the set top box technology. Google has also planned to build the same technology on other devices such as Blu-ray players.

With this invention, the scope and use of televisions is not limited just to watch the movies, television shows, other public events and sports. The whole world can be seen and one can also stay connected to their social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, youtube while also enjoying by playing many online games on the big screen. When the Google TV is released to the public, I am sure there will be even more demand for the high definition TV’s and the DVD players as people want to enjoy their favorite shows with high quality in all aspects.