At the Mountain View headquarters of Google, where the Honeycomb event was held, Google announced the launch of its Android Market Web Store. The Android Market Web Store is actually the latest version of Android app store. Google also unveiled in-app for Android apps and the latest currency options for the developers.

According to the engineering director of cloud services of Google, Chris Yerga, the new Android Market Web Store provides the facility to the users for getting applications on their mobile phones and PCs. Until now, there was only a single way to access and install the Android Market applications on the mobile phone, the app store. But now, users can simply browse the website and can select any app from all the available apps according to their choices.

This Android Market Web Store integrates several apps and the promotional banners as well as the features of familiar categories such as top paid and top free. If you want to buy the apps, click on the ‘buy’ option, you will find a pop-up window and then simply enter the name of device in which it will be installed. After selecting the option of payment, the Web Store will directly send the app to the mobile phone. One more feature of “Twitter sharing” is provided to user for tweeting about the apps by Google.

Google also provides an offer of in-app purchasing to the developers. If developers integrate in-app purchasing SDK, they can sell a number of virtual products with their apps. Google will also provide sample code and developer documentation for in-app payments. At the time of launching, Google also announced the buyer currency support. The facility of buyer currency support permits developers to specify and choose the cost of apps in a variety of currencies. At present, this is available with the set of United States currencies. This will start very slowly but very soon new currencies will be added into it by Google.

The launching of Android Market Web Store is very critical decision of Google. The main target of Google is to improve the cloud-based services. The Android Market Web Store has several advantages. It provides better search, so the user can search apps by their price, popularity and device compatibility. The user can easily download apps and also assign them in any Android-based device. There is no side loading required. The Android Market Web Store provides more information about the product. When users search for product or app, a page appears with the reviews, screenshots as well as videos for them. It also provides the facility to share a link to an app by a small button of Twitter which is located on right side of each app page.