Google Maps is a service offered by Google which includes business locations, contact information and driving directions. It offers integrated business search results, maps that you can drag and pull out, satellite imagery and the Earth view. Google offers these web mapping service applications. Google announced its official release of the Map Widget for Google Maps. A widget is an application used to set some particular function by embedding it on a web page or blog or social media page. While many of us have seen the tests of the Google Maps site, Google has formally launched their new widget of new maps display making new options more visible. Replacing the white buttons enabling you to toggle between maps and satellite view is a widget which displays options on mouse-over actions on the widget.

The widget on the Google Maps page consists of menus in different layers. Layers can be used from Options. Turn on Options by clicking on the same. For example where you want to turn on layers showing the route to a place as well as gas filling stations on the route, both these can be specified in the options. It is now easier to see and switch to options required to view. The new controls and legend make the interface interesting and attractive with icons in the background.

The new icons make the widget’s interface very attractive. Google Earth has been revamped with the new interfacing. Including a number of upgrades it is new in its features. Street view is integrated within the widget. Trees are shown in a three dimensional view. Google Maps for the Android is also available with the version 4.1. Features available are search result page, account switching, latitude widget and so on. The new widgets were introduced in November 2010. Google product manager Amanda Leicht said that they hoped that their all new exclusive widget for map types, layers and recently viewed searches would be useful in the users gaining a new experience and facility.

This new widget for the desktop version of Google Maps helps users to access the features faster than before. The widgets are placed on the far right corner and can be used by just a mouse-over action. Making sense of a fast paced and a changing world is even more difficult than keeping pace with. Google Maps for mobiles have been redone doing away with tabs and introducing buttons. Tap the buttons to see search results, see the place on the map, get driving directions etc. Google has brought up details right out in the front so that you can see all in a glance. Moreover to go to the next page you just need to swipe left to right or right to left.