Google has once again done it. With a new stylish and convenient application, the hassles of URLs and their long nature has just been solved, thanks to Google’s new release. Whereas the web addresses of Google Maps that my friends and I used were kind of long and inconveniencing, the new released labs feature from the Search Giant has solved that problem in one go. Labs Application, recently unveiled by Google, is a feature that cuts down the Maps URLs, them short and easy to use. Google unveiled the feature as its official shortener of long Maps URLs. As such, the Maps URL will thus be hosted using this feature that even though launched towards the end of 2009, is currently causing ripples. URL shorteners are nowadays the majorly preferred due to the convenience and ease of usage they come with, thus shorteners such as and now are all the rage. The two have been made more popular with the advent of twitter and its link sharing feature that curtails texts to 140 characters or less, thus a mechanism to make it easier to beat the system was necessitated and the shorteners are coming in handy.

Increased Usage in Micro-Blogging

Even though it is still in Google labs, Google’s applications and products that are still undergoing tests and thus are not default, the impacts of the new feature are immense given the amount of usage being witnessed. To find your Labs, simply check the top of your Google Maps to find the Labs link and explore other lab applications. The latest labs application to get default usage approval has been the Aerial Imagery feature that was affirmed to standard use recently. However, there can be no understating the strengths of URL shortener and its potential future as a default application in Google. The web addresses of Google Maps can now be sent via micro-blogging sites such twitter with no glitches. Originally, URLs for Google Maps are long given the fact they carry a number of varying parameters thus including them in a short message, banner or a news piece can be a problem.

How it Works

The feature works by indicating short permalinks the moment you access the link button. The advantage is that it is one of fastest shortening service online, I used it to send a link in twitter and was amazed at how fast it processed the link and gave me a shorter version. Another thing I found rather interesting with is the way it gives the shortened link in a descriptive and easy to understand text by simply including “” and the “maps.” According to Google, feature has three particular targets that are speed, security and stability.

Goolge reiterates that the stability of the feature is crucial in maintaining an efficient uptime whereas the second goal, speed, is meant to offer users with a faster resolution of short URLs and thirdly, the feature’s Security is geared at protecting its users from malware and phishing pages online. The feature is being offered as a feature product, as opposed to wider consumer usage even as it becomes more popular.