There’s a worldwide debate on whether or not and how Google affects the business of the print media. Some people support the newspaper, people who are mostly running one, and others believe that Google is nothing to be blamed for. Google being the best search engine is becoming a problem for the business of print publication industry. Google is no doubt the best information provider worldwide. It is a source of information for anyone anywhere regardless of what type of information is needed. This availability of Google is becoming a threat to the print media. Information and advertisement both are the pillars of a newspaper publisher and Google provides a lot more than just this. Further more it is free of cost for consumers causing it to become more economical since most people in this world prefer “free”. The chief economist at Google Inc. believes otherwise. He says that free online access to newspaper websites has contributed a lot to their businesses.

Pros and Cons

Despite the fact that online news is undoubtedly beneficial for both readers and the providers, certain publishers feel that it’s not enough. According to them the click through rate, which of Google is only 10%, is too high that they are paying for the reader to view just one article while they could earn more if the readers went directly to their site. People would just prefer viewing the headlines and go through a few lines of articles and move on, which becomes a loss for the advertisements on the proper website. Therefore some newspapers have already blocked Google news from accessing their website. Most others are planning to charge consumers for viewing their online content.

Paid Information?

The NewYork Times claim that if a customer is willing to pay $300 for a printed page of one day old news, then one who’s viewing a live newspaper would be willing to pay more. Many other newspapers are proposing to make their newspaper subscribe online, that is they’ll have to pay to view a newspaper online!

The Right Thing

Truth is that information technology or “Soft-ware” to be specific, is supposed to be a free service for the people. Not a business or pocket-filling machine for the business-men. This technology was built on one core motive: Serve Humans. And Google is fulfilling this motive through its extra-ordinary search engine. The advantage of being able to find all sorts of information with one click has never been easier. The whole world has become one click away from discovery due to Google. People, who believe more in making money than serving humanity, are just not worth mentioning. Journalism and print media was established in order to provide truth, reality and awareness among people, but business-men today have turned it into nothing but a mere game of truth a dare. It is a basic human right of the people to “know”, and that is what the motto of every newspaper should be.