Trends are certainly changing everyday and everything is turning mobile. The latest generation of mobile devices is the Smartphones and Tablet PCs that are available around the market. There had been several fronts where Apple and Google have been competing each other and perhaps the most versatile of the battle is between iPhone and iPad with Google’s Android based smartphones and tablets.

There are a number of analysts that predict the mobile display ads to turn a lot more than they are these days. It is expected that the revenues would strike to $1.2 billion in 2015. This seems to be the new battle front for both Google and Apple. The revenues are estimated to be some $313 million today.

This seems to be a new domain for advertisers with the number of users of iPhones, iPads and Android based Tablets and Smartphones increasing day by day, you can certainly expect to have an overwhelming response with mobile display ads.

The findings:

According to a recent survey, there are approximately around 28 percent of mobile subscribers around the world who have started using internet over on their mobile devices every day. The domain of their activity includes news about sports, and current affairs. There are many of the users with these smartphone who surf portals like Facebook and YouTube everyday to stay in touch with their social circles and entertainment respectively.

There are a number of people doing all those texts and searches around the world through their mobile therefore the overall usage of mobile is increasing every day. There have been a number of surveys that show that the number of mobile subscribers using all these services have doubled every short span of time.

Mobile display ads:

Mobile display ads is the idea that has been brought up by major marketing specialist who see the mobile display as being an excellent market for advertising of products. The frequency with which all these mobile devices are being used calls out for a new and unique method of marketing that can get a number of people attracted and appealed towards the ads.

iPad came up as an excellent computing device in the world of tablets and the fast growth of the device has created a number of opportunities for mobile advertisers and they have got a larger screen to concentrate their ads on. More and more advertisers are investing and shifting their businesses to mobile campaigns.

Apple vs. Google:

Looking at the trend of market and marketing campaigns, Apple has recently come up with the advertising platform called iAd. The platform is going to serve all the adds that are targeting to run on all the Apple iOS based devices that include iPhone and iPad. The services is charging advertisers quite a reasonable sum of money for running their advertisements on smartphones and tablet PCs.

On the contrary, Google has come up with the idea of AdMob that is set to be a rival of Apple’s ad campaign. AdMob was working as a third organization beforehand and Apple tried to take over but Google made the move promptly. The service is now integrated with the AdSense service that is already a successful project of Google running all across the web.