Google is continuously getting the attention by being under constant media and government scrutiny. The recent  (you can argue the main and the old reason), also supported by New York Times is the need for government to intervene into regulating Google’s ‘super secret algorithm’ used in their search engine. Foundem, a vertical search engine and a shopping comparison site alleged that Google has affected their market and business because Google is rigging their algorithm.

New York Times support

What came as a surprise to many is New York Times backing up the need for a government inquiry into the algorithm used by Google search engine. The newspaper giant foresees that there need to be some gatekeeper who should over look Google’s activities and not set free as they are now. Google themselves is under constant pressure not just by the US government but also Europe and China.  The newspaper in its report, stating the need for government regulation said the power of Google is gaining to be so imposing on businesses that they can break or tweak by ranking a website or business higher or lower; and all is caused by the algorithm or the so-called super secret of Google. With Google accruing or merging with several established business or just bringing out new technologies; most web businesses are totally dependent on them; and it is hard to wean them off from a super power source. The article is triggered by alleged claims by a less known competitor of Google, a shopping comparison search engine Foundem.

Google Dependence

Most websites write the script so as to accommodate Google requirements and make it ranked high while searching. New and upcoming websites in particular rely on the Google search engine to seek more than half their traffic. Placing a free Google advert is high in priority than anything else, simply because it makes it easily to be in good terms with Google so more searchers can find the business; which would have been difficult otherwise. Also having the script done to accommodate other popular search engines like Yahoo or MSN; will not guarantee even close to a quarter of the hits that would be possible through Google.

Foundem Claims

Foundem, a UK based company seems to be angry at Google; for having effected the company business and is blaming it is all the Google’s algorithm techniques which taking their customers away. There are reports where the company is planning on taking a legal step and forge a war against Google. Foundem has also lodged anti-trust complaints against Google at the European Union Commission.

Several analysts and corporate do want Google to be more public about their ways of running the search engine. Google themselves points out towards their Public policy and say the algorithm is complex and neutralizing and imposing unnecessary control by gatekeeper would not benefit but only trifle the growth on innovation and technology path Google is on and which is helping change the way things are seen and processed throughout the world.