GoogleEnhancer 1.85 is an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It enhances the results of the Google search engine. It is available as an add-on feature in Mozilla Firefox. It is downloadable for free from a variety of websites. The Firefox extended search tool add-on has several features that can define it as a tool that numbers the search results. It uses a simple numbering tool to enumerate the search results. Further, it separates clustered search results and blended results as different listings. It provides advanced search options of date range, language, and file type. It enhances the search results with icons added to the search results.

What does one expect of search engines? To begin with, one needs results with relevance to the search terms entered. Google works on SEO search categories. Using different filters one can conduct searches to fetch sensible results. It is important that under an SEO search, the term entered is accurate so that you do not waste time searching alternative terms and so on. If search engines could produce results relating to the search term accurately, most of your job is done.

The advanced search dates are kept on and are available in the toolbar. While numbering the results, it uses numerals like 1, 2, 3… There is a facility for search page preview. So once you have finished entering the term for the search, it shows up a preview page with a peek at the results. GoogleEnhancer lets you refine Google search results with favorite icons which you can tag to your search results, more like a bookmark or tag used to identify the result. GoogleEnhancer enhances the search results with a direct answer to your search term. It works with Yahoo!, Bing, and Google search engines. The options available are search by date, language, and by file name. These can be used separately by selecting the required option in the search page. So you click ‘File’ menu>> ‘Tools’ >> and then ‘Options’. Click the ‘Options’ button to select your options from a list. The options available are: Load Result Favicons, highlight results, number results, time search option, language search option, file type search option, auto focus Google input box and so on. Using these search filters, one can easily specify the type search to be conducted.

For the convenience of searches conducted, there is highlighting of the search results which carry the highlights of the search term in the results page. If your search is on the basis of time, say your option is for news about GoogleEnhancer since the last week, this narrows down the search to all articles under the time period of the past one week. Since filters are useful, one could well say that the filters in the GoogleEnhancer 1.85 are good to use and are all relevant to search results fetched by the search engine.