A good application programming interface is vital for all mobile apps and adds ons. This is especially the case for cloud computing processes where a number of resources are shared between all computers in a network. Google’s API services work as cloud-based services. This is something that is proving to be popular among many developers of these apps. A recent study shows just how valuable Google’s APIs have become.

The API that Google uses for its mobile apps and add ons has received a great endorsement recently. A recent survey from Ovum states that the APIs that Google works with are preferred by more mobile operators than that of other development services. These include the APIs that the operators themselves work with.

The study from Ovum states that about sixty percent of all mobile developers are ones that already use Google’s APIs or will be working with them in the future. Only twenty-five percent of all developers in the study say that they prefer the server-side APIs that they work with.

The people who took this study worked with a variety of considerations when determining what they prefer. The ease of being able to get an app developed was a major factor. The ability of the API to work with a number of different platforms and the flexibility of the API were also valuable factors. The software development kits that work with the API from Google also helped to contribute to these results.

One reason as to why these APIs have become as popular as they are comes from how they work with multiple distribution methods. Instead of having to deal with only one distribution method through a typical mobile operator Google will work with all sorts of distribution options. Users can distribute these apps and adds ons through Apple, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Marketplace.

A good concern about this comes from how Google does more to promote its server-side APIs. Not all mobile operators do as much to promote what they have.

It also helps to see that the Google API will work to help with encouraging the growth of cloud computing. This is valuable because of how an API will do more to help with allowing cloud computing to grow over time.

The last thing to see comes from how Google works to offer a greater deal of access than that of other providers. Google works with a cloud coverage level. This works to get resources from one computer shared with a variety of computers. The ability to access data from Google and from other sources is one of the most popular things to see here.

The preference of Google’s APIs over other types of application development services is an important thing to consider. This is something that shows how the apps and add ons that can be made for mobile devices are being made. This is also a sign of how cloud computing is looking to become something that will be used more often in the future.