Top notch search engine provider Google is going to be in marketing services and is highly on its way of expanding more of its services to cater user’s needs. Another visualized prospect for Google Company is entering the travel purchase world.

From business to advertising services, and now for travel purchasing; what could you ask more?

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World of travel purchasing

Andrea Pouros, COO at Greenlight Search Engine Marketing, said that travel purchase specialist must make its move already by re-establishing its working plans of consumer approach before the Google took the picture.

She added that internet sources became a great disintermediator as it moved a lot of middle men especially those of commercial affairs.

Many of their functions were being took over by the innovativeness of network technologies that even when purchasing products, sellers and buyers are getting mush direct access to one another making less effort of transactional meetings.

Also, the significant increase in the marketing transparency has allowed the internet users to have a wider range of selection in terms of comparing prices as well as features from different products before finally deciding whether to buy or not to buy.

Pouros said that other business marketing corporation must think of better plans if they want to still remain to become more profitable for the next coming years.

Indeed, innovative technology is the new face for marketing transparency, and now for travel purchasers.

It will then be a good advantage for Google Company because of its major contribution of enhancing user’s online experience besides the fact that it has much of money to widely open another service.

Google’s service features and preferences

Aside from that, Google is more advanced than those competitors of the same service.

A great and serious advantage in comparing rivals because consumers nowadays prefers those of very highly accessible and very accommodating to approach, particularly, very consumer friendly.

Now that Google has been engaging to so much stuff to operate more services for its regular consumers, other competitors must know rethink of better plans in business travel approach.

If Google would pursue its Travel Purchase search engines, then it would be much easier for people to connect or access, and purchase.

Less worries and more convenient in the part of the consumers.

Market status and future speculation

Pouros, in her eleven years experience in search marketing technologies, has so much to go over with in terms of great change in economic status and how the people deal with the changes and how it greatly affects others. She definitely was able to observe such changes.

Because of Google’s growing business services, many would be able to double time their effort in improving their business specification qualities for them to still able to keep consumers and other product or travel buyers. This would serve as their call time in making things much more client-centered.

Hope these changes would somehow lead to a better growing economic status.