After many days, Google was proved guilty of spying. This started when a person experienced the tracking by Google chrome 5. The same happened to others too. There was a green highlight that asks to track the location. Another tracking done was through Google Analytics. Google has embedded a special code through Java Script which can see the location where the person is actively using the site.

Top Secret America

Washington Post published a piece, Top Secret America, a two year research conducted on the companies that spy on its consumers. One was Google, so an advocacy group called the attention of Energy and Commerce Committee to investigate further on the grounds violated by Google. Google was found out to have a deal with the National Security Agency that has been proved to be spying on the residents of United States.

There was a patent application revealing that Google was really getting samples of spying through Wi-Fi networks. Google told that the information they have is kept confidential and will never be released to the public. There was no answer on behalf of Google.

The Obama Deception

Recently, Alex Jones released the information to the public. It happened on Monday, which was his battle with Google. The cover up story has to deal with The Obama Deception. The Obama deception tells that Obama is a puppet of the new World Order. He, Alex Jones, released this on the You Tube website. However, Google owns You Tube and there was a censorship that happened. The documentary was removed. If you follow this on You Tube you will see nothing. Even the related documentaries like the fall of the Republic full version, fabled Enemies full length, Obama compared to Hitler and others are not there.

Alex Jones, who is ingenious enough, called the attention of his followers to help in the battle with Google. This is to watch and observe as to what will happen afterwards. Aside from the Watchdog, Jones revealed the deal with the operation of the United States Intelligence and surveillance. Google trends are the articles that prove that Google is spying to be on top of the news stories. Without doubt, Google trends became the top of the news.

After all these battles with Google, the company has removed the stories and the links behind Google trends. Unfortunately, there will be no track of the stories to attack Google. First, they have removed The Obama Deception and then they removed Infowars, Google censorship and other private news. These have been the news trends of the past few days.

After reading one of the comments of people, be it on You Tube or on the article made by Alex Jones, you will see that there is something wrong with it. If only there was a way to put back the videos that came out. If there is a possibility to upload it under some video website other than You Tube and if only there is a link to the activities made public by Jones’ followers of the compilation of all the articles written, then, people could have judged the truth. The truth is that someone is covering up and no guesses to identify who it is.