Google has always been coming up with ideas relevant to making money and attracting more and more people towards the many different products that it has authored. Acquisition of YouTube is a perfect example of this and you can expect a lot more to come in the coming years. There have been a number of rumours with respect to the upcoming project of Google in the online sector to acquire better market share.

The secret investment

Anyone who has been known to Facebook, MySpace and Hi5 would be well aware with the games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars. These are perhaps the two titles that literally everyone on the social networks knows of. Google is making a way to penetrate into the social networking market that is becoming popular every day and has been widely acknowledged by people from around the world. There has been news that Google has made secret investments in Zynga, the company that is behind the manufacturing of such excellent and adorable games.

There had been numerous resources who have reported that Google has made a secret investment of around $100-200 in Zynga. The sources further made a clarification that the investment was done by none other than the main body in Google instead of the Google’s special arm that deals with making investments around potential companies around the world. Google is looking forward to better and a long lasting strategic partnership with Zynga in the future.

Google’s future in Games

There has also been a number of news around the online world about the demand of a developer for producing games. The advertisement has been quoted by many people around the online world who are discussing future of Google in games. The investment with Zynga is perhaps the first of the steps in this domain.

Zynga is said to play a vital role in the development of Google’s idea of producing games online. There had been rumours in the market with respect to the arrival of Google Games as a gaming portal in the online world later this year. It seems as Google is pacing up to bring the rumour into reality. Google has further hired a number of experts from around the development world for the development of games. Some sources even highlight the details that have been published about the number of ideas and details that explain the games expected.

The Investment in Zynga

The investment that is made in Zynga refers to an indirect entry of Google into the world of Social Networking market in competition with Facebook. Zynga is said to have been a part of the success of Facebook in the online world. There are game lovers of Zynga around the world who log into Facebook accounts just to play their favourite games. Google can certainly have a number of them directed towards themselves.

One can also expect the investment made in Zynga to be a great step towards the development of Google ME that is expected to come up as new social network in the near future that will be completely authored by Google Inc.