Whenever one wants to find an answer to any question, they simply use the popular search engine “Google”. Searching on www.google.com would surely find a solution to the problem at hand. But soon this is going to become a paid service. Few days back an Italian daily carried a report stating Google is ready to launch a paid content format. This format is likely to be called “Newspass”.

Working of Newspass

Whenever someone browses through the Google search engine they are able to see both paid and unpaid data. To view the paid data, the user will have to login to his Gmail account and make the payment for the desired piece of paid work. Once the payment is realized, the user will gain access to the information. It is rumored that Google has approached several publishers to gain support for this experiment.

“Newspass” will be providing access to all types of content available on various websites through a single identifier and password. Users will be able to search through the content from their mobile phones, tablet PC’s like iPads and other mobile devices.

Business model of Newspass

Newspass will surely bring many revolutionizing changes in the media industry. Google has caused huge damage to the industry giants by providing all the content on web, free of cost.

Google plans to share most of the payment proceeds with the content providers. Google will earn revenue from handling certification, support and billing. Traffic data and users profile sharing can also happen with the partners. The cost of the platform for new partners is still undecided.

Way ahead for the industry

The format to be adopted by Newspass is the way ahead to sustain the growth of the media industry. The New York Times has launched a similar version in the beginning of the year. The newspaper excluded other media firms from using its content without paying a fee for it.


The big question to be answered is what would be the basis of distinction between paid and unpaid content. Will only sub-standard content be available free of cost? Will the dated content be available for free and the more recent data charged? These are the few questions which are mulled over by everyone. The answers to them will only decide the path of success or failure for Newspass.

Google has long been a preferred search engine for many users. With Newspass, they are surely taking a risk. But knowing Google over the years, all risks will be calculated.

They are always a step ahead in decision making and formation of strategies. They are one company that can take a setback in their stride as they have solid backing. This allows them to come out with new, innovative products for their customers!