A unique idea of developing power meter for regulating and saving electric consumption taken by Google is the demand of time, while global warming is threat to the civilisation. On October 5, 2009 Google announced to launch a software tool namely Google power meter for enabling people to see and measure personal energy data. As per Google plan power meter is combined with another device- TED 5000 (the energy detective), an energy monitor. TED 5000 measures electricity usage on real time. This will encourage people to save money and energy.

The earth is at peril. Scientists and environmentalists are everyday speculating when and how the planet will go as unliveable place for human being. They have already started to find out another planet where the people can shift from the earth. It is not an easy task. There are many impractical solutions from the vested interested leaders of the nation about reducing carbon emissions. They blame each other’s nation while they should take appropriate moves to save the world. The water level is increasing very fast day by day. Many countries like Maldives, Bangladesh and Netherland will go under water within few years. And many other problems are arising day by day related to environment.

In this circumstances Google’s effort to develop a power meter invest in renewable energy and upgrade the electricity grid is an eye-opening step. The features, Google is going to develop in it, are to keep people aware about how much energy they have consumed in a day, week or month, alert people by informing unnecessary consumption of power and predict how much cost they have to pay annually and many others to help them save energy and money.

The challenges Google has to overcome are: i) they have to discover a system by which people can watch their home energy consumption from anywhere online, whereas most of the places of the third world countries are not connected with the internet. ii) Worldwide electricity grid installation is a hard job in this moment. iii) Electric cost varies country to country. Therefore they have to develop a worldwide rate per unit. Nevertheless if the power meter is applied for separate geographical regions, which may be practical step.

Whatever obstacles may come in the way, we have to rely upon the technology to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Fossils fuel like oil and gases will be consumed one day. There are many sources of renewable energy like sunlight, wind, rain tides and geothermal heat. We should invent techniques to make them usable as much as possible to keep the environment clean and tidy. People are very greedy. For our vested interest many steps like Carbon credit policy have failed. If Google’s power meters come as the saviour of this world, our future generation will not live in a virulent environment.