As we all know Google is one of the biggest players IT companies in the world. And though few years ago Google and Apple were in very good relations with each other, this was until the new boom of ultra mobile devices with OS – the iPad, iPhone and the latest iPad caused some problems. Google decided to try and enter in Apple’s niche with the developing of the Nexus – a direct competitor to iPhone. It seems they are also interested in entering the iPad sphere – ultra mobile tablets, too.

Though extremely popular, the iPad has many issues which should be addressed if Google wants to have any success at all, and not share the fate of Microsoft’s Zune Player. The iPad – though shiny little piece of tech, has few big problems. Main two are well known, others surfaced with time.

What Google should address first is the lack of full Adobe Flash support. Although HTML5 is on the way, there is still plenty of time until its effects part gains the same popularity and support as Adobe Flash. And as this type of device is intended for fun and spare time, adding Flash support will be the right thing to do. The other main disadvantage of iPad – the lack of full multitasking support should be addressed until the end of the year, but as for now, no such thing exists, except for some system and Apple developed apps running in background.

Another issue, especially for such type of device, is the lack of video capture options. What Google should include is at least front facing camera, for video calls – it is 21-st century after all. The rear facing high resolution camera is also good option, but not such necessity, this is not a small device, and probably no one will use it or digital camera on the go.

Also lots of other minor and not so minor issues can be addressed. Though the iPad browser – Safari is not bad, excluding the lack of Flash support, with no tabbed browsing it seems a little outdated – Chrome is a good way to go. Talking about apps – full access to Google apps, as office tools, could be an advantage. Of course there are other minor things that can be fixed – the iPad glossy screen is hard to use in direct sunlight, and you want to carry such ultra portable computer anywhere with you, and be able to use it without problems. The file management system can also be improved, in fact maybe creating new from scratch is the best idea, and this sphere in software development can use some totally new ideas. Also – if more operators but Verizone offer it, this will be best for the customer, and will reflect on prices immediately.

The ultra mobile tablets are whole new zone of the market, and Google has a good chance to be one of the main players in it. If they invest little time and money, they can come out with exceptional piece of technology, that will come to every home.