After announcement of launching of WebM, a format of multimedia, some debated issues like patent and royalty are being discussed there in the webpage. The fact is that WebM is supported by VP8, a high quality video codec and it is going to be royalty free multimedia software. Google has developed it after acquisition of On2, a video technology company. When WebM is going to be a open source version, it is obvious that people will welcome it. However, some threats are posing here. In the Wall Street Journal, a representative of MPEGLA has claimed that its members may hold patents over the some key technologies used in VP8. The statement hints that Google has violated the patent law launching the WebM software. More than that having been freely distributed the WebM will make much obstacles in the way of the success of H.264, a widely used patented video format, developed by MPEGLA consortium. Same threat stands to HTML5, developed by Adobe system.

Critics remember us if there is chance to be into a long battle over the license and patent. We have already seen a fierce battle between Apple and Microsoft. Google is also suffering from litigation over the HTC software. Google claims that they have tested it cautiously and ready to overcome all the odds regarding patent. One of the most software players, Red Hat’s Wildeboer supported WebM saying: “we should adopt webM and adopt it everywhere. Don’t be afraid of patent threats.” Some chip makers including ARM, MIPS, Nvidia and Texas support Google’s move towards establishing the VP8 video codec. Browser makers like Opera and Mozilla has also come openly in support of Google’s WebM.

In despite of all this, MPEGLA proceeds to explore a patent pool for VP8 or wait to lodge a complaint of patent-right for the right moment when WebM will get a large exposure, there will be an opportunity of earning the large revenue if they win the case. And people will be deprived to access WebM as royalty free format. People will be the ultimate looser.

Therefore it is constant debated topic. Public views are divided. Even the patent itself much confused and debated subject. Had there been developed any device following the Newton’s law during Newton’s lifetime, would he have claimed the royalty and patent right? Research modification and upgradation are an ongoing process through which technologies come out. Internet, which is the future, also believes on openness where no one is credited for their innovation. Because it knows that everything comes from the same place, the land of knowledge.