Companies are trying to double the performance of clean energy technologies, but that is quite a tough goal to achieve. The concept was implemented with the help of Moore’s law in which the number of transistors can be placed on ICs after every two years. Information technology has become an integral part of every industry and so in Ecology also. Moore’s Law, which calculates that the number of transistors a chip can hold will double every 18 months, has changed the speed of technological growth in an upward direction which is normally measured in months now rather than in years, when we are talking about energy. Some people say that Moore’s law is not the best example to increase the capacity of technology exponentially. However as far as the Green technologies are concerned; they are following the same kind of cost curve, which was conventionally used in semiconductors.


Moore’s law can be beneficial for many types of industries. Here if we take the example for Dell who is immensely investing in manufacturing not only in computers that can process information efficiently but also that are environmentally friendly. Companies like Dell and many others can save a lot of energy if they reduce the energy they are consuming in their data centers. This action will not conserve the energy but also it has a lot of environmental benefits as well. However, the biggest problem in this case is the performance of IT managers and other staff is not measured in terms of how much they have conserved energy. Green business is making efforts on quality movement where the focus of companies in next 20 years would be improving the quality of different tasks like product development, customer service etc.


Due to the environmental challenges that our society is facing now days, it is not possible that companies work in isolation to fight against these environmental challenges. All the companies who are dedicated towards making these environmental changes need to collaborate. The biggest challenge in this initiative will be companies, which are coming from different types of industries and the how they are going to collaborate and contribute to fight against the environmental challenges.

When talking about the Green Technologies, the policies play a vital role in scaling up. General Electric Policy plays a huge role in scaling up green technologies, said GE’s Fludder. GE and their representative fully support such kind of programs, which will strengthen the energy deployment and climate regulations so that the price can be put on carbon emissions

Nevertheless, if we do not consider these policies GE has been successful with its Ecomagination project. GE invested $5 billion in that program and Even without these policies, though, GE’s Ecomagination had been successful when we talk about sales as they have a lot of customers who buy these eco products as the sales yielded for around $7 billion, generating awareness among people who are increasingly capitalizing on these technologies.