How about attending a party wherein you can show your favorite YouTube videos to your friends? Well Google+ and YouTube will now offer you free entry passes to groove and be a part of such fun-filled parties. Lately, Google has integrated a novel YouTube party app to its popular Google+ Hangouts. And to own this app, the only prerequisite you ought to fulfill is to ensure that everyone has the web app running.

With the latest app you can create, save, share and even control playlists of YouTube videos with everyone inside a Hangout. Every member in the Hangoutsz can simply drag and drop YouTube videos to arrange the playlist accordingly or skip forward or backward for the next video.

And, if you like the current video that is playing, you can straightforwardly share the video amongst your Google+ Circles. Also you can save the playlist created by you and your friends in your YouTube account to view later. Apart from creating playlists, Google+ YouTube app will allow you to chat with your group with the help of the ‘Push to talk’ button.

Currently the app is available in as many as 60 languages.