The latest plans that have been revealed by Amazon show that Kindle its e-book application is being made compatible with the Google Android mobile phone platform. I was one of the lucky few to get a firsthand experience of this demo software prototype. This is very similar to the desktop and iPhone versions and has the synchronized support of Amazon’s cloud. All the essentials such as page number, notes and the like will transparently match and be supported by the device.

The readability factor on the screen is wonderful and offers one a great reading experience. There are several different font sizes and background colors that can be chosen depending on your comfort. For night time reading you can choose sepia or white and black. There also seems to be a brightness adjustment slider, although it is not functional in the initial testing phases.

However, the application does not have a built in bookstore. But, it can at the same time get the content to be in sync once purchased. In order to include a book in the device all that you need to do is to visit Amazon’s website and purchase a book that you want to read. The reader application device then will synchronize to get the book incorporated into the device. When you delete the book from the device, the book automatically goes into the archive menu from where you can always re-download it.

However, the application at Amazon is not meant for the kind of reader whose reading habits and tastes are generic. Since Amazon’s bookstore contain only a limited amount of books that are at the Amazon’s website for sale. In case you want to read a book that is not at the Amazon’s bookstore then you will need a separate third party reader application so that you can download these books that are the third party reader applications which are FBReader or Aldiko.

This is a boon for people on the go and you can read an e-book whilst traveling. At the same time you can read multiple e-books. In my case, I often tend to read e-books on my cell phone especially whilst on my travel joints. But, it is a bit of a problem. I was recently able to read two William Gibson novels during my traveling sojourns to the Ubuntu Developer Summit which took place in Brussels. When you have the option of downloading e-books on the mobile can be some hard work but in the long run if you can buy books and have them pulled into your device then nothing like it.

This is one of the best things to have happened to the readers who want to have everything along with them on the go. The coming together of Amazon and the Android application platform is certainly one that is beneficial to the users.